Canon for creating a life worth living

  • Impermanent

    Aware of the interconnected and transitory nature of existence
  • Curious

    Receptive to experiences, willing to learn, resistant to preconceptions
  • Autonomous

    Responsible for my outcomes in life, with agency to make change
  • Playful

    Capable of manifesting joy, sparking creativity, and inspiring enthusiasm
  • Equanimous

    Calm and aware when faced with challenges, not overly emotional
  • Determined

    Adept at creating value and building for the fun of it, not accolades


Where I allocate most of my attention

  • Synthesis

    An interactive studio Synthesis was founded 15 years ago, specializing in taking early-stage startups from zero to one. We provide comprehensive product development services for founders building customer-focused products and teams delivering exceptional experiences.

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  • Less Disorganized

    Systems for human enablement Ive often found myself helping individuals and teams get organized so they can reach their goals. In response to these requests I've been working to productize my Notion systems. The first product is a template for individuals and theres a second template for startup teams in the works.

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  • Seeking Not Seeking

    Remember to surrender Seeking Not Seeking curates tenets for life. The ideas are inspired by religion, philosophy and creative arts where they're distilled into concepts and categorized. The goal is to simplify what matters, why it matters, and how to implement sustainable change.

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